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Tarrant SBDC’s Top 5 Resolutions For Small Businesses in 2013

5resolutionsNo doubt many of you have entered 2013 with some resolutions to improve your personal well-being. But have you made any resolutions for your business? These top 5 resolutions will help you get the year started with a rejuvenated focus on improving your business health.

1. Business Plan Weekly
If you’ve ever walked into the Tarrant SDBC you’ll know that we are big proponents of having a plan for your business. As the road map for your business, your plan should be always top of mind. It’s great to review it annually or quarterly, but there is also great value in taking at least a few minutes each week to reflect upon what has been done the past week, assess you current situation, and make adjustments(if necessary) to reach your intended goals. This will help you avoid getting “in a rut” and keep you focused and less stressed during the year.

2. Delegate more
Delegate and let others help you. It sounds simple, but it is often very difficult for people who are used to running the business themselves. We at the SBDC understand, but we also know that delegation is absolutely critical to achieving real growth while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Free yourself to attend to the more important strategic work of the business. You may be surprised by how well your employees perform when you hand them the responsibility and authority to complete tasks.

3. Build your Network
Your network is your most powerful tool. Sales can often come from advertising, online marketing, cold calling, etc., but real sales, I mean the kind that sustain you for the long term, come from a well maintained network. Attend your local chamber events, get involved in industry associations or volunteer for a local organization with ties to your line of work. Bottom line, meet more people and make a good impression. Don’t be a pushy salesman, just meet people and genuinely build your network of good contacts in the community regardless of whether or not they could be a customer. Networking is an art, but there are plenty of books out there to help guide you.

4. Learn Something New
Top of the list on most people’s New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more and get in better shape. It’s a great goal to be sure(I admit, it is one of my goals this year as well). But how about exercising your mind? Learning something new not only makes you smarter, but could pay off big dividends for your business. Learn how to improve your online marketing presence, how healthcare reform will affect your business, or simply learn how to speak another language. Just the mere process of taking a class and interacting with other people could get your business exposed to a wider audience. Get started by checking out our training calendar, or just send us a note with a class you’d like to take and we’ll help connect you to a trusted provider.

5. Keep in touch with your SBDC!
Your SBDC can offer objective feedback on your plan, conduct in-depth industry research, connect you with financing resources, provide market/feasibility analysis, and help you overcome a multitude of other challenges faced by your business during the year. Sometimes it’s just a good idea to sit down with one of our Business Advisors and gather outside feedback on your goals or decisions you are struggling with. As always, our Business Advisors are bound by confidentiality agreements and better still, we won’t charge you anything!

Have a resolution you’d like to add? Let us hear it!