Cle Royal

Cle Royal

Cle is blessed to have a passion for small businesses and to have a heart that connects with clients. Cle’s knowledge of small business matters is extensive and current; he is an incurable learner. Cle has been the business consultant/advisor to over 2200 clients in 6600 sessions representing 11700 hours. Cle is experienced. Cle assisted his clients in raising $35 Million in capital. Cle is effective.

Cle handles the complexity of real-world financial situations for start-ups as well as existing businesses with ease because of his experience. Before coming to the SBDC, Cle managed the financial reporting for a New York Stock Exchange company. His work of modeling real-world financial situations was scrutinized by regulators, auditors and lawyers.

Cle’s proprietary financial projection model for small business has been well received by bankers and underwriters because the model documents the client’s assumptions and how the numbers were developed.

Cle is a multi-year award winning business advisor including the 2019 North Texas SBDC State Star Award.

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