The Tarrant SBDC offers seminars designed to give you the tools, techniques, and knowledge to be successful in today’s business environment. Learn everything from the basics of how to start a business to bidding on government contracts, and managing cash flow. Not all classes are offered monthly.

Class Descriptions

Start Your Business – 2 hours, 1 Session – NO COST!

Thinking about starting a business? Need the basics or learn where to go to for help? This workshop introduces you to the business planning process. If you want to turn your idea into a business, this seminar is critical:

  • Define your business idea

  • Understand what a Business Plan is and why it’s necessary

  • Business legal structure, and Permits & licenses requirements

  • Where to turn for help

Presented by Tarrant SBDC

Los Basicos de Iniciar Su Empresa – 2 Horas, 1 Sesión – ¡Gratis!

¿Pensando en iniciar un negocio? ¿Necesita lo básico o aprender a dónde ir en busca de ayuda? Este taller es una introducción al proceso de planificación de negocios. Si usted quiere convertir su “$$’s y un sueño” en realidad, este seminario es fundamental:

  • Evaluación de su idea de negocio

  • Requisitos para cualquier empresa

  • Análisis de Industria e Investigación de Mercado

  • En marcha Asuntos Gerenciales

  • Plan de Negocios y Proyecciones Financieras

  • Consideraciones de Financiación

Presented by Tarrant SBDC

Legal Forum – Conference Call – 1 Hour, 1 Session – NO COST!

This interactive, open forum lets you speak with a local attorney via conference call. Ask questions and get answers as a participant discussing the legalities of business in Tarrant County and the State of Texas. *Information provided not to be construed as specific legal advice to those who attend, but general information only.

Presented by Tisha Dodge, Dodge Legal Group, PC.