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“It is my pleasure to recommend Cynthia Harnest to anyone who is considering starting a business or who needs sound business advice. I needed to write a business plan, create Profit & Loss Statements for the first three years of my new business, create a Pro-Forma Cash Flow Statement, a Balance Sheet and apply for an SBA Loan. Cynthia was fantastic to work with. She walked me through the entire process for producing the afore-mentioned documents and financial statements and presented the material in a way that made sense and was easy to understand. Cynthia reviewed my Business Plan several times making excellent suggestions for improvements and asking probing questions that forced me to really think through all of the steps of the business plan and collect a broad range of information that allowed for a very comprehensive snapshot of my business.

She helped me find banks to work with, provided advice on many facets of business operation, including; finding a retail location, understanding customers and how to identify and reach them, selecting merchant services providers and business systems. Every bank I talked to mentioned how good my business plan was which gave me a lot of confidence that I had thought the business out well. At the end of the process, I had several banks that were ready to make the loan, and was able to compare and select the proposal that best fit my needs. I continue to work with Cynthia, as I have moved forward with my business, and she has proven to be an excellent resource for valuable business information and a wise and experienced thought partner.”

Michael Neal, Owner
February 2014

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