DK Lube & Detail

Diea Kaleia immigrated to the USA over twenty years ago from Syria in pursuit of a better way of life. For eighteen years he worked at his brother’s used car lot gaining experience as a mechanic, which included performing vehicle inspections. In addition, he was responsible for the overall general maintenance and remodeling projects on the property.

In 2015, he and his brother parted ways, and Diea came to the Tarrant SBDC for help with getting a $53,000 loan to start a business. He had recently purchased property in Crowley, Texas that included an old dilapidated six-bay car wash. Diea needed the loan to finish out construction that would include an office and buy equipment to set up bays for oil changes, vehicle inspections, and auto detailing. He would also have a 2-bay car wash.

Diea had never owned a business, had no established credit and did not know how to write a business plan. He met with Business Advisor Efren Villanueva who recommended that Diea first attend the SBDC Start Your Business class. Efren then followed up with an onsite visit and began meeting with Diea to help him develop his business plan and financial projections.

Next, Diea worked with city inspectors and was able to make the necessary improvements. With his completed business plan, he was then able to secure the financing he needed, finish the buildout and buy his equipment. Although he planned to open in January, he ran into a snag. His bay for vehicle inspections did not meet the state length requirement. However, the city and community were very supportive of his effort to convert an eye sore into a local business. Working with city inspectors, he was able to make the necessary modifications and was finally ready to open.

Diea opened DK Lube & Detail in February. He credits Efren with helping him successfully address all the required local and state regulations necessary to rehabilitate an abandoned property and convert it into a business. With the help of his SBDC Business Advisor and hard work, he has now realized his American Dream.

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