Fondren Forensics Inc

“It is unusual to find an organization with as much care and concern as the Small Business Development Center. I am writing today to offer my sincere appreciation. Your organization was the driving force behind the success of my business plan. I entered the business plan competition in 2012 and participated in the training and advisory services offered to me as a contestant. As a small business owner/operator, I really had no formal training on writing a business plan. Even though my company, Fondren Forensics, had been operating successfully for ten years, I had never made a business plan. I was beginning to grow my business into a new forensic discipline and without a good business plan, it would be very difficult to plan, project and move into future growth and success. I learned this as I worked with Doug, designing and refining my own plan.

I will never forget my first visit with Doug Cannon. He was personable and friendly yet direct and firm about expectations, and the work required to produce a quality finished product. He told me I had a lot of work to do and he gave me the tools I needed to get started with my project of writing this business plan. He was genuinely concerned with my effort and truly wanted me to do my very best. I felt as though Doug was in my corner and his advice helped me tremendously as I worked the tireless days and nights to formulate and perfect my business plan. Ultimately, I advanced to the finals and won second place in the competition. I know I could not have done it without Doug’s help.

As Fondren Forensics moves into the forensic blood alcohol testing business, I know there will be support from Doug and all of the SBDC staff. My only regret is that I didn’t know about their help sooner. My advice to other small businesses is to get on board with an advisor as early as possible. And, if you are lucky enough to get Doug Cannon on your team, pay attention and follow his advice because it is truly award-winning!”

Lisa E. Fondren, Owner
October 2013

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