Xenia Roastery

Founded in 2020 by Justin McLaughlin — who is not only the company founder but also the head roaster at Xenia Roastery.  Justin states, "I love to roast coffee that tastes delicious and makes people feel good!"

When Justin was asked, "why start Xenia? " His reply, "Xenia was born from two things: curiosity and passion. I was curious to know what makes good coffee. I wanted to know what makes coffee at some places taste better than coffee at other places. I got educated in the basics of coffee and roast profiling, then I fell in love with roasting and specialty coffee beans. My passion for entrepreneurship led me to start Xenia Roastery."

Now Justin wants to share his love for coffee, his craft of roast profiling, and his passion for entrepreneurship with the world; "Xenia" is his answer to how he intends to do accomplish this.

Go Yourself & Find The Bean - Direct Trade

Roasting is only half of the coffee business. The other is sourcing the bean. In 2019, Justin met a certified Q-Grader (a coffee expert) obsessed with travel and just as crazy about finding beans as he was about roasting them.

Xenia Roastery’s specialty coffees come from high-altitude micro plot farms, with vibrant flavors, complex aromas, and soul. Cash goes to the farmer. It's trade done right.

Here's a summary of how we procure our product:

  • Direct Trade
  • Single Origin, Specialty coffee
  • From Micro Plots, Organically Farmed

How did the Tarrant SBDC team help?

Ms. Kem was a part of Xenia Roastery before Xenia Roastery was founded in 2020. The Tarrant County SBDC, including Ms. Kem, were critical in providing foundation tools and information for me to start Xenia Roastery, LLC.  Ms. Kem’s willingness to be honest with me, helped me avoid opening a brick and mortar coffee shop in an area of town that wouldn’t have supported it. Also, she helped me to think hard about a business model that could be sustainable, and scale. Apart from providing information, Ms. Kem put work in by visiting several local coffee shops to get a feel of the industry so she could become more knowledgeable about specialty coffee.”

You can learn more about Xenia Roastery and even order their products online by visiting their website at xeniaroastery.com.

Xenia's Justin McLaughlin with the Mayor of Fort Worth
Justin McLaughlin standing with Fort Worth Mayor, Mattie Parker while receiving an award from the Rotary Club of Ft. Worth
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